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Dent Repair School

Ten Services Found In the Total Recon Package

When you develop and perfect your skills by attending Dent Repair School, taking the Total Recon Package, and becoming a Paintless Dent Repair Technician, there is no limit to what you can do and what service you can offer.

The Total Recon Package is the “One-Stop” solution for automotive reconditioning. Your options are wide open especially as it applies to reconditioning used cars from the used car dealerships. They have a tremendous need for your learned and expert services. Usually these dealerships keep a rolodex full of vendors that they use for different jobs at hand. If they have you and love your work, they won’t need a rolodex anymore. They have only one number to remember and that’s yours. They save time by not having to sublet to a variety of vendors and you stay unbelievably busy with all of the work they send your way. Most used car dealerships are “Certified Pre-Owned” and they are obligated by law to have gone through the whole vehicle and bring it up to quality standards. You can make a fortune if you hook up with one, two or more of these dealerships. You can take the Automotive Appearance Repair Industry to a whole new level by following your expert training and guidance.

Paintless Dent Repair, Scuffed Bumpers, Paint Chips, Interior Damage, Chipped Windshields, Smelly Cars, Yellowed Headlights, Interior Repairs and Scratched Paint can all be eliminated and repaired professionally using our Auto Appearance Repair Systems and Hands-on Training Programs.

If you find that this is exactly what you want is to be multi-talented in a number of processes then the Total Recon Package is for you. This is an investment into a very secure industry. It’s not as if the industry has a threat of being eliminated as so many are. Even if you live long enough to see cars driving in space, they will still need someone to remove the dents, fix the windshields and so much more. Give us a call and let’s get you started on a life changing learning experience.

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