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Insurance claims stemming from hail storm damage saw an 84% increase

Discover how to repair hail damage and broaden your market opportunities at our Colorado location

Each year, hail storms create chaos worldwide, resulting in vehicles bearing unattractive dents of various sizes on every panel. Acknowledging the significant impact, insurance companies globally have unanimously endorsed Paintless Dent Repair as not merely a “Viable Alternative” but the “Preferred Method” of repair. Hail Repair Training at our Colorado location offers a comprehensive solution to the traditional auto body repair approach.

A black car hood under a cloudy sky after hail damage, prompting the need for hail repair training.

Hail Repair Training Course in Colorado

Colorado Hail Repair Training

Explore the comprehensive training available at The Dent Repair School in Colorado and embark on the journey to become a skilled Hail Repair Specialist. Our program encompasses all essential aspects, from hail account generation to pricing strategies for both retail and insurance, alongside the latest insights on hail storms. Join our esteemed alumni who have risen to prominence as highly skilled professionals in the PDR industry at various levels. At The Dent Repair School, you’ll gain the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive as a quality PDR technician.

Did you know that insurance claims for hailstorm damage surged by 84 percent in 2014 compared to 2012? The statistics are compelling, with 861,597 claims in 2014, marking a significant increase from 689,267 in 2013 and 467,602 in 2010.

Between 2010 and 2014, hail storms caused billions of dollars in damages nationwide, as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In June 2012 alone, an onslaught of storms in Colorado resulted in over $1 billion worth of damage.

Two men undergoing hail repair training by working on a car in a garage.

Turn Hail Dents Into Dollar$ with The Dent Repair School

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Hail Repair and Door Ding Damage in Colorado

Welcome to the Dent Repair School in Colorado, your premier destination for specialized hands-on PDR Hail and Dent Repair Training Courses. Our comprehensive programs are meticulously crafted to equip you with the skills necessary to excel in repairing hail-damaged vehicles and thriving in this dynamic market. With PDR Hail Repair Training Centers strategically located across the country, accessing our top-notch training facilities is convenient and hassle-free.

Beyond exceptional training, we also offer state-of-the-art PDR Hail and Dent Repair Training Tool Kits, ensuring that you’re fully prepared to handle hail repairs with speed and efficiency.

At Dent Repair School, we prioritize personalized learning experiences. Our training courses are available in personalized 1-on-1 sessions or small groups of three, ensuring focused instruction and ample opportunities for hands-on practice. With courses commencing every Monday, 52 weeks a year, you can kickstart your journey toward becoming a skilled dent repair professional at your convenience.

Choose Dent Repair School and unleash your potential in the lucrative realm of PDR Hail and Dent Repair.

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Arvada, Colorado, is located in the Denver metropolitan area and is near several other cities and towns. Some of the nearby cities include:

  1. Denver, Colorado – Arvada is situated just northwest of Denver, the capital and largest city in Colorado.
  2. Westminster, Colorado – To the north of Arvada, Westminster is another neighboring city in the Denver metropolitan area.
  3. Lakewood, Colorado – Located to the south of Arvada, Lakewood is another nearby city within the Denver metropolitan area.
  4. Golden, Colorado – Just to the southwest of Arvada, Golden is known for its historic downtown and its proximity to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
  5. Broomfield, Colorado – Situated to the northwest of Arvada, Broomfield is another neighboring city in the Denver metropolitan area.
  6. Wheat Ridge, Colorado – Located to the east of Arvada, Wheat Ridge is a nearby suburb of Denver.
  7. Thornton, Colorado – To the northeast of Arvada, Thornton is another city in the Denver metropolitan area.

These cities and towns, along with others in the Denver metropolitan area, contribute to the vibrant and diverse community surrounding Arvada.

List of counties adjacent to our PDR Hail Repair Training School:

  • Jefferson County, Colorado (where Arvada is located)
  • Adams County, Colorado
  • Denver County, Colorado
  • Boulder County, Colorado
  • Broomfield County, Colorado
  • Douglas County, Colorado
  •  Douglas County, Colorado
  • Clear Creek County, Colorado
  • Gilpin County, Colorado
  • Weld County, Colorado
  • Elbert County, Colorado
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