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Learn How to Remove the Stink Out Of a Car

If you own or have ever been in a car that smells horrible then you will understand how incredibly important it is to have that odor removed. Even I have had a car that was stuck in a flash flood in Las Vegas, and if you live there you know exactly what I mean. One minute you’re driving along on a perfectly dry road and the next a wall of water is coming at you and your car and you are completely submerged. A dry vacuum helped but did not get rid of the odor. It’s as if the carpet in the cars are just waiting for the opportunity to stink.

There’s a solution, Dent Repair School has a course that you can take so that you can help yourself and anyone else who is in this or any other stinky situation. Dent Repair School’s Thermal Fogging System will eliminate a wide variety of unwanted odors and features a true odor oxidizing agent, Thermo 55. As a training technician in this course, you will be trained in how to work with the highly concentrated, heat activated formula designed to remove smoke odors potentially caused by tobacco and fire damage as well as pet odors, moldiness and a variety of other annoying smells. Your kit will include everything needed to fight the stink and includes all of the training you will need to understand how to use it.

This is the perfect add on to the Paintless Dent Repair package and opens up another stream of income for you. You don’t have to live in a flood zone to appreciate the Thermal Fogging System. Whatever the cause of the odor this system is the answer. Let us know when you sign up for the PDR training that you would like to add this course. It takes only 2 ½ hours to complete.

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