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Ceramic Coating System

CK1 Ceramic Coating System Chemical Package “ADD-ON”

CK1 Ceramic Coating System Add-On

Dent Repair School is the unrivaled leader in the Auto Appearance Industry, providing cutting-edge technology that empowers you to surpass your customers’ expectations. Introducing our latest innovation for 2023: CK1’s Advanced Ceramic Coating System. With its user-friendly base coat / top coat application, it has earned global acclaim for its exceptional performance. Experience the convenience of effortless application and enjoy the longest-lasting results, offering unparalleled protection for over 5 years. 

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Ceramic Coating Opportunity

Ceramic Coating Training & Equipment

Learn to Repair:

  • Importance of Proper Paint Correction
  • Determining the Thickness of the Paint
  • Proper Application or Base Coat and Top Coats
  • How to determine what grit sandpaper and when
  • Techniques for the Perfect Showroom Appearance
Ceramic top coat packaging.
A man in a mask is receiving Ceramic Coating Training while working on a car.

Our CK1 Ceramic Coatings Course is taught by a highly experienced auto detail professional with over 30 years of expertise.

  • 1 Day of Training
  • CK1 Ceramic Coatings System Application
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Business Development

The Ultimate 2-Component Ceramic Coating System

Introducing CK1, the ultimate two-component ceramic coating system. Our advanced technology combines a base coat top coat system, allowing for multiple layers of protection in a single, long-lasting surface. With CK1, we have revolutionized automotive protective coatings, making it the most advanced solution we have ever developed. Experience the unmatched durability and robustness of CK1 today. 

Hands-On Training for Our Ceramic Coating System

Transform your skills with our comprehensive hands-on training that covers all aspects of prepping and applying ceramic coatings. Our team of Certified Experts will provide you with the training and certification you need to become proficient in CK1 Ceramic Coatings. By combining our top-notch training and high-quality products, you will acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary to establish a lucrative business.

Ceramic Coating System

The CK1 Ceramic Coatings System goes beyond traditional paint protection, waxes, and sealants. Unlike temporary solutions that wash away or break down over time, CK1 is a revolutionary nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent bond with your paint. This advanced coating cannot be dissolved by any chemical and can only be removed through abrasion. With CK1, you can enjoy long-lasting protection for your vehicle that stands the test of time. 

Hardness Above 9H

The coat forms a glass-like, highly durable protective layer with a hardness rating exceeding 9H, the highest on the industry-standard scale for measuring coating hardness. With proper maintenance, this exceptional hardness will last a lifetime. 

Super Gloss & Super Hydrophobic

This product offers an unparalleled shine that outshines any other product on the market. Its brilliance is truly breathtaking and must be witnessed in person to be fully appreciated. 

One-On-One Ceramic Coating Training

We are the exclusive school that offers personalized training, catering to only one individual at a time. Why settle for training with several people when you can have the dedicated attention you deserve at our school, all for the same price?Introducing the CK1 Ceramic Coatings System, a revolutionary product meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled shine, effortless upkeep, and long-lasting protection to all surfaces. 

With CK1 nano coatings, you can expect a remarkable 9H hardness, setting the benchmark for cutting-edge nanotechnology in exterior paint finish, interior surfaces, wheels, glass, and trim. Our comprehensive protection and enduring brilliance will keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come.

CK1 Ceramic Coating Class

Ck1 logo for ceramic coating training.

Course Details:

  • Background and history of ceramic coatings
  • Current industry standards
  • Ceramic coatings -vs- polymers and waxes
  • Coating myths (and there are MANY!)
  • Communicating your services and client pricing
  • Coating matte/satin vinyl wrap finishes
  • What to do when it is time to re-coat
  • How long do coatings really last?
  • How important is coating hardness ratings?
  • Single and multiple-layer coating options
  • Plastic trim coating
  • Wheel and caliper coating
  • Glass coating
  • Textile and Leather coating
  • Understanding environmental conditions and curing times
  • Offering proper maintenance plans
  • Communicating to your clients the maintenance products needed
  • Classroom presentation and hands-on
  • Class limited to 4 students
  • Upon completion, you will receive a Ding King Certification
A person is polishing and applying ceramic coating to the hood of a red car.

CK1 Ceramic Coating Training

This course offers comprehensive information about CK1 Ceramic Coatings products and processes, along with practical, hands-on applications. To fully benefit from the CK1 Ceramic Coatings Class, we highly recommend taking the Paint Correction course beforehand. 

The World's Most Advanced Nanoceramic Coating System

CK1: The Global Leader in Nanoceramic TechnologyIntroducing CK1 – the world’s most advanced automotive protective coating ever developed. As the global leader in nanoceramic technology, CK1 continues to push boundaries and build upon its unrivaled legacy. 

What sets CK1 apart is its revolutionary two-component ceramic coating system. By fusing multiple coating layers into a single, durable, and robust protected surface, CK1 delivers unparalleled performance.

With twice the durability, integrity, and longevity of traditional nanoceramic coatings, CK1 reigns supreme as the ultimate choice for automotive protection. Experience the future of ceramic coatings with CK1 – the pinnacle of innovation and excellence.

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