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PDR Technicians; Do You Have Basic Retail Sales Experience? We Do! Part IX

More Than Anything, Have Fun!

If you’re not having fun at this then you definitely are in the wrong business. You go into your own business because it’s fun. If you’re not feeling it then I would suggest you give it some more time. With anything new in life, there is a learning curve. You can actually learn to hate your life if you are behind the curve. You will wake up one morning and it will be as if the lights just went on, suddenly you will have total clarity and doing the job becomes second nature. When this happens you can’t help but love your job. Why is this important?

Your potential customers can read you and your attitude perhaps better than you think they can. If you don’t like what you do they won’t like it either. If you are one that is prone to have small temper tantrums you will need to check yourself, and yes, before you wreck yourself. I know of a technician that throws his tools when he is frustrated. I know of another one that paces back and forth in short lengths and cusses the whole way. Can you see how damaging this is? Sure, they may have paid you for today, but will they ever call you back? No. Will they ever tell their friends about your services? No again.

Don’t be your own worse enemy. Even if you are behind the learning curve, you have to fake it until you make it. Own your skills and no matter how ugly the situation gets, you’ve got to rise above it.

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