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How To Sell Your PDR Services

There is no doubt that there are more people who don’t know how to sell then there are that do. Learning how to sell is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to hone these skills, so be patient

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Interior Repair: How To Make Your Mark

The marks inside of vehicles is where we are going with this post. If you have just graduated from “Dent Repair School”, and took the Total Recon Package number two or three, then you will be quite familiar with how

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Dents Just Grow On Cars

New cars are a dent magnet. It’s almost as if it’s the rule instead of an exception. They can be the tiniest of dents from a wayward rock or pebble, or even worse, they can be a really big rock

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Creating Your First Website #4

I am going forward with the assumption that you are choosing the freedom of a website, as it is best in the end. A website is more professional and gives you liberty’s that you wouldn’t otherwise have. There are steps

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Creating Your First Website #3

Now that you have chosen a domain name it’s time to decide whether you want a website or a blog. It really depends on what you plan on doing. If you have decided to use a blog you will need

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