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Self-Doubt Can Paralyze Your PDR Business; How To Overcome It

You can choose to allow self-doubt to creep into your mind or you can choose not to. There are habits that you can develop that will channel your self-doubt into something productive. Many studies have been done on this subject, for example, self-doubt comes from past failures. In the case of a PDR Technician, perhaps when going out to your very first job, you forget some of your tools, you cause a small dent to look really bad and you’re unable to smooth it out. A myriad of reasons can be at the root of your self-doubt. It could even be as simple as your family and friends don’t see how you can be successful in this new role and suggest that you go get a real job. These are the words that you will remember every time you get flustered or overwhelmed. This type of self-doubt is the type that can paralyze you and your PDR business. Instead of making excuses, which by the way is how most of us explain away bad performance, try using positive reinforcement.

Make a list of the things that cause you to doubt yourself. Take the one that is the biggest or hardest on you and take the time to create a positive tasks around it. Let’s say that your biggest fear is to go out and get business. This is hard for many people because it requires that you step outside of your comfort zone. So daily commit to going out and talking with just one person. Not the whole parking lot of people. Also, it needs to be more than your family and friends. You will hopefully be speaking with many people a day, but take this one person and try out new methods of communicating your business.

Journal this experience. You want to remember your successes when you start to doubt yourself again in the future. Sounds simple right?

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