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PDR Technicians: Diversifying In A Tough Economy


Our economy changes on a daily basis. At this point in history, you can’t sink your teeth or all of your chickens into anything because nothing is for sure and for certain. I place no blame and this is hardly the platform to get onto my soapbox. Because of this very fluid economy, you will have to diversify to stay on top. People may be hanging on to their money for dear life in most everything they can but this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep trying.

One of the best sources of what’s happening in our economy as far as vehicle services goes are dealerships.  These dealerships do their marketing surveys well in advance in poor economies and are already adapting their sales strategies. They can give you very valuable information as to what areas to concentrate in because they have their finger on the pulse of what is projected and base their buying and marketing around it. Just stop in and buddy up with a manager at several high end dealerships. They love to talk, they will be happy to share. You need to position yourself to hit every professional market and do it often. Ask yourself this; who stands to profit even during a recession? If you have come up with brokers and financial services, you would be right. Make sure, no matter the economy, to be marketing to them. Since Real Estate is beginning to boom again, you need to be marketing to the Real Estate Agents. These agents depend greatly on the appearance of their vehicles, one dent and they are freaking out. This works well for you because you have their solution.

Your first year in business is a time for growth, you need to put your marketing strategies to work and reach out to all potential industries. As we come out of our recession, more doors will open for you, all you have to do is walk in and take what is yours.

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