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PDR Technicians; Do You Have Basic Retail Sales Experience? We Do! Part VII

Make Friends With Others In Your Field

It is never good to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m not really sure why. Most of us wouldn’t look at a horses mouth under any circumstances. But, keeping with what the saying means, these otherwise known as competitors, could be the very ones that can help you out of a jam.

Let’s start with a body shop. If you play your cards right, you will develop lasting, profitable relationships as you can refer customers to them when the dent is beyond the scope of PDR technology and, God forbid, if you chip the customer’s paint. You will want to have a body shop in your pocket that you can call in a hurry. It never hurts to be prepared for everything. Take the boss out to lunch, provide business cards and take some too. This can be beneficial for both of you. If for example, they get a job that is really too small for their shop, they will refer them to you. This is the beautiful beginning of a referral network.

As bizarre as it may sound, you want to make friends with other PDR Technicians in your area. Reach out to a couple of them and go to where they are working to meet them personally. This allows you to take in the kind of work they do, is it quality work?, and are their personalities something that you would trust your clients with? This sounds crazy but if you should ever have an emergency and had to step away from your work, who could you trust to take over your schedule for you? Next, if you accidentally overbook yourself, you know that you can trust this person or person’s to pick up your slack.

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