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PDR Technicians; Do You Have Basic Retail Sales Experience? We Do! Part VI

Don’t Give It Away

People will call you on their mobile device and explain what happened to their car and what their dents look like and want you to give them a quote over the phone. It’s not possible people! There is absolutely no way that you can give a blind quote. Now, if you are one of those PDR Technician that advertise a flat rate for dents at different sizes then you could give them a quote. There are so many variables when it comes to dents. Don’t be one of those ‘one price fits all’ technicians, this is a quick way to lose money and unless you have a bunch of money, this is not the answer.

There are many technicians that will offer the opportunity for the client to go to their online site and upload pictures to your website so that you can look at it and give an estimate. This isn’t so bad really. It can have the potential of saving you a lot of time. The one thing that these potential clients must do is to provide you with pictures that truly catch the damage in the right lighting. Have them take a picture 10 feet from their car, close ups, in the daylight, and at different 180 degree angles. Let them know that this is a free estimate, and that in no way is your online quote final. Until you have had the chance to personally see the dent and look at it from all angles and ran your hands over it, then any quote given online or on the phone after receiving the online pictures, is still, just an estimate.

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