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Free Tools For Small Business Owners Part III

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Here’s another Tool that you will find quite helpful; especially if you are trying to get people to come together for an event that you have scheduled. It can be frustrating trying to locate, and then getting them to agree to a specific time and place for a large meeting. The very worse thing you could do would be to ask them what works best for their schedule. These are words that are sure to doom your efforts. You’re the boss, and you’re in control, you set the date and time and expect them to follow your request. Now that you know you need to change your attitude and take control, I have a site that will help you with that:

  • Doodle-We’ve discussed you taking control and picking the date and time for your gathering/event, now let’s discuss what else Doodle can do. You can offer say three different times and dates that they can choose from. Let them know that whichever has the highest votes will be the final choice. Doodle will do this for you. Make a list of recipients and Doodle will create the spreadsheet affording the choice to be made by the recipients. Doodle cooperates with your calendar so you never have to worry about forgetting your appointments or event. Doodle offers options too; Book Me and Meet Me. Book Me is for accepting appointments online. These can be for a Doctors appointment or a customer scheduling an appointment with you. Next is Meet Me; Here your friends can see your availability and ask to meet with you during a time that is free. So missing dinner appointments with friends is a thing of the past.

Hopefully you can see how Doodle can take care of your monthly calendar, not just your daily.

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