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How to Make Pay Per Click Work For Your Business Part V

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This should be a huge selling point and should be highlighted or placed in a bubble on your landing page. This is what separates you from your auto body competition. I’m certainly not trying to rag on auto body shops but let’s face it, isn’t it this very reason that you got into the Paintless Dent Repair Sector of collision repair? For the freedom of movement not to mention the incredible entrepreneurial experience?

Your schedule is dictated by your availability, well at least for the most part. Hopefully, you are so busy that your schedule is pretty full but you always need to take the time for your newly interested customers, if not then you will quickly find how fast your lead base can dry up. Think about next week and the week after because even though you may be running around like a chicken with their head cut off today, next week, if you haven’t kept up, you will be twiddling your thumbs instead. Learn to work calmly and trust your pace. If you work in reaction to the immediate fire, once put out, you won’t have anyone there waiting for you.

Sixth, back to the landing page, your PPC ad should direct people to this page on your website so it should be relevant and applicable to your choice of keywords used and the potential customer’s keyword search. This is important not only because it would really make a person searching for the services mad, but more importantly is that search engines will penalize you for it. Search engines will evaluate ads, keywords and websites landing pages to assess the quality. If for any reason your ad does not line up with the keywords or your website, the consequences you will suffer will be that you will not show up as often or as high up as you are fighting to be in the search results.

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Michael has been successful in the Paintless Dent Repair and Automotive Reconditioning industry for over 12 years. He is dedicated to teaching others on how they can take advantage of this unique opportunity and cash in on the earning potential it provides.

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